For over 50 years Macy has been proving that fun can be part of making both functional and sculptural ceramics.

Macy adds creative twists to his stoneware for the kitchen and bath: unexpected shapes, glazing and hues. His mugs stimulate the eye while delivering caffeine to the lips. His platters become conversation pieces as the hors d’oeuvres disappear. The potter also creates one of a kind decorative forms and sculptures.

Macy’s life has been as lively and intriguing as his art. For more than three decades he spent his summers traveling to art fairs, selling his work and connecting with other artists. “That was a great learning experience” he said, “but I’m retired from that life style.

His work now is shown in a few galleries in Colorado and New Mexico. Also, his work is featured in periodicals and in both private collections throughout the southwest. With his enclave of artists’ studios in Denver (Artists on Santa Fe Gallery-http://artistsonsantafe.com) Macy stays involved with the arts scene-constantly encouraging other artists and rekindling his own creative spark. “I am always trying to push myself and not work within a safe space,” he says. I want to experiment, and push the limits and break the rules.

Macy Dorf


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